Digital film direction

Since 1987, Société Générale has been a major partner of the French Rugby Federation. For more than 3 decades, the French company has been working hard to develop and encourage its practice. They work to support this noble sport and convey its beautiful and traditional values of hard work, sacrifice, team spirit and respect. For a few years now, Société générale has teamed up with worldwide creative agency AKQA. The goal is to help the federation to build a strong and modern identity. And rugby-seven is one major asset to accomplish this purpose. This is why athletes such as Virimi Vakatawa is key.

In the dawn of the upcoming rugby-seven World Series 2017 in Paris, La Société Générale’s mission was to promote the event and drag attention to it. Indeed, Rugby-Seven is getting bigger worldwide. In fact it has officially replaced the Rugby-Fifteen practice during the last Olympics Games in Rio, Brazil. It is known for being way faster and more pleasant to watch. The game is played in the same field with twice less players. Rugby-Seven has then become more attractive and is seen as a very strong asset for Société Générale to promote Rugby all other the world.

To promote the event, Société Générale and AKQA decided to dedicate a short film to one of thei spectacular and explosive rising stars of Rugby-Seven : Virimi Vakatawa. Born in New-Zeland with parents originally from the Fidji Islands, Virimi fell in love with France when he came to play for the Racing Métro 92 in 2010. Since then, he obtained French Nationality and decided he would represent France in international competition.

We wanted to praise this amazing player and put him in a very modern and stylish environment. As a symbol of his new identity and life, we jungled between two universes, between urban and performance. However, we wanted to keep his authenticity and focus on his main qualities. These qualities are his dedication in hard work, and his unshakeable faith.

Société Générale x FFR x AKQA.

Film Direction & Production