SG Sevens - University championship

Photoshoot for prints

Société Générale has been working to help the French Rugby Federation to develop for over three decades now. The French bank believes rugby and Société Générale share the same values in their DNA which are team spirit and engagement.

As rugby-fifteen had been the main asset for a while, rugby-seven is getting bigger and tend to seduce more and more people all other the globe. In fact, rugby-seven has many attractive features that makes it more likely to entertain sports fans. First, it is more spectacular. Indeed, the game is played in the exact same field, however, there are twice less players. This makes the spaces more scattered then the players run more and faster, and they score more tries. Therefore, the profile of the rugby-seven player is lighter and more explosive and athletic. Also, the format of competition makes is more appealing. A tournament is usually played throughout one week-end as a team plays twice or three times during the same day. The pace is then faster and more fluid.

Société Générale hence is doing its best to promote both types of rugby in professional and amateurs leagues. For instance, SG organises a national tournament in France named « SG Sevens » which is a university exclusive rugby-seven tournament. And this year they teamed up with Parisian Agency AKQA and us to create a unique imagery to promote the event. This imagery would be printed and diffused all around France in a very agressive media plan in order to make as much noise as possible.

We shot a series of young students playing hard in the rain. We focused on the main noble values of rugby which are team spirit, sacrifice and hard work. The whole series was shot in film to keep a genuine sentiment and a harsh grain in the rendering.

Société Générale x FFR x AKQA.