Digital photo report

In 1985, one year after he scored his first hoops in the NBA, Michael Jordan signed his first basketball shoe with the american sportswear brand : Nike. That was just the beginning of once a generation story. After a glorious 16-year career in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizzards, at 40 years of age, Michael Jordan definitively walked away from the game of basketball with a legacy he couldn’t have pictured as he has been considered as the GOAT (greatest of all time) since then. Thanks to his reputation off and mainly on the court, MJ has built his brand Air Jordan now known as « Jordan Brand ».

30 years after the launch of his very first pair of « Air Jordan 1 », here we are with his airness to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand in Paris at Le Palais de Tokyo. For the occasion Nike hosted a whole exhibition dedicated to the most memorable and iconic moments of Michael Jordan’s career as an athlete and then as a brand owner. We made a long stop at one particular exhibition hosted and by our close friends from Blackrainbow agency. With style and attitude they designed a set where you can find every single item that has been officially linked to Michael Jordan’s image. In this unbelievable exhibition you can of course find sneakers, posters and jerseys, but you can also find more atypical items such as a motocycle, cereal boxes, or even set of dishes design with the effigie of his airness. Blackrainbow did a great job of creating a real Michael Jordan museum.

For this very special event, Nike commissioned us to shoot a photo report to testify the visit of Michael Jordan at Le palais de tokyo where he walked through the exhibition and discovered all the organization the giant brand dedicated to him.